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CR699R1 U.S. 4.0 ver A CR899R1 U.S. 4.0 ver A

PA1199R42 U.S. ver 5.0 A

PA1200R49 U.S. ver 6.0 A

RA201R19 U.S. ver A

Platinum wasn't good enough, so out came the Titanium with version 4.0, and continued until version  5.0 >>>>>>>>

  CR1099R1 U.S. ver 5.0 A CR1099R1 U.S. ver 5.0 B

A0100R500 U.S. ver 5.0 A PA500R1 U.S. ver 5.0 A

PA700R1 U.S. ver 5.0 A

Titanium wasn't good enough, so out came the Diamond with version 5.0, and has not yet been discontinued >>>>>>>>

R00621 U.S. ver 2.5 A AM800R3 U.S. ver 5.0 A AM201R5 U.S. ver 6.0 A

The "See the difference" series was initiated with version 3.0, and discontinued with version 4.0, but it seems to have been revived with version 6.0 . The background seems close enough in similarity to stick these two together >>>>>>>>

  CR898R27 U.S. ver 3.0 A A299R27 U.S. ver 4.0 A

This one is 3.0. Who are all the people? OK, Michael Jackson, Will Smith, how about the rest? Anybody know? >>>>>>>>

A0601R801 U.S. ver 6.0 A   A-G-1/2-2-L Germany ver 3.0 A

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